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Finding the Best Nylon Dog Collar

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Looking for the best nylon dog collar for your dog? It can be really tough determining what constitutes a well constructed dog collar if you don’t know what to look for. So here a few tips on what to look for in a well-made collar for your dog:

hand made dog collar

Top stitched in white, this dog collar is sewn with a heavy nylon thread by hand, and assembled using several tacks for added strength

  • Short Tight stitches vs. Long Ones
    The tighter the stitch, the stronger the seam. Many mass-produced dog collars are sewn using a very long stitch because a collar can sew faster this way. The longer the stitch, the quicker it can be sewn – and the quicker it will unravel. So look for tight, short stitches.
  • Double stitches vs. Single ones
    Another sign of quality construction is the appearance of several rows of stitches around the hardware, like the buckle and d-ring, of the collar.
  • Printed Nylon vs. Woven Fabric over Nylon
    Printed nylon is a more cost effective way to produce a design on a dog collar. However the design is more likely to wear off quickly vs. a woven fabric. Look for woven fabrics, like jacquards and polyesters, sewn over nylon. Not only will the fabric maintain it’s design and color longer, it adds durability to the collar with the added layer of fabric sewn over the nylon.
  • Nylon side release buckles and hardware vs. other plastics
    This one is a little tough to determine by looking at it. But if you are buying online, look for nylon in the description of the hardware material.
  • Handcrafted vs. Mass-produced
    While almost any collar is hand-crafted to some degree, those that are mass-produced are usually partially assembled using automated equipment. While this may not always indicate poor quality, the absence of the human eye leaves room for overlooking defects that might otherwise be caught when assembled using human eyes.

Keep in mind that no collar will last if not taken care of properly. Do not put your dog on a tie out for hours on end and expect that a collar will withstand the constant pulling and rubbing that tying out your dog will do – particularly if on a short tie out. Using proper washing and care, and rotating between 2 – 3 collars will maximize the life of your dogs neck wear. Don’t have your dog wear the same collar day in and day out for months at a time and expect it to last unless it is metal (not very comfy) or leather (durable, but hard to keep clean). After all, what would you expect that shirt you are wearing to last if you wore it for everyday for 4 – 6 months without changing it?

Most good quality dog collars, like those made by The Artful Canine, can be found for under $20. If you have to pay for a few a year, that’s a very economical wardrobe considering what we humans spend on clothing. Besides, a nice looking collar is a reflection of the love and care you give your dog. And they deserve it, with all that unconditional love they give you, don’t they?

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