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Martingale Collar on a Small Italian Greyhound Dog

Martingale Collars for Small Dogs

by on September 13, 2022 - Leave a Comment

Martingale Collars for Small Dogs Martingale collars for small dogs can be particularly hard to find at local pet stores, as this type of collar has yet to gain widespread use or popularity. If you speak to any trainer, rescue advocate, or dog owner who has a dog that escapes from a traditional collar, you […]

Martingale Collar Safety & Use

by on June 15, 2018 - Leave a Comment

What Do we Mean by Martingale Safety & Use? Martingale collars are excellent for maintaining control and keeping your dog safe on leash. But you must be mindful if you keep a martingale collar on when off-leash. Martingale collars are ideal for training and control. But they can pose a danger to your dog if […]

Natural Bug Repellents for Dogs

by on May 31, 2017 - Leave a Comment

Natural Bug Repellents for Dogs Summer is upon us, and with it comes a deluge of nasty insects – ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies and more. While you may be treating your dog with a monthly pill or topical, these chemical treatments often only kill an insect once it bites. That is not a good thing, […]

Dog ID Tag Information – Chosing the Best Info

by on April 11, 2015 - Leave a Comment

Struggling with what Dog ID Tag information to use on your dog’s ID tag? While you have lots of information you can put on the tag, you are somewhat limited based on the size of the tag. But we’ve listed some ideas that will help Critical Info The goal with most dog owners is, “How […]

What is the Best Dog Harness for My Dog?

by on January 25, 2014 - Leave a Comment

The best dog harness for your dog depends on a few things. There are many different types of dog harnesses, and each varies in terms of features and benefits. This article is designed to break down harnesses by type and use so that you can choose the best dog harness for you and your dogs […]

Walking the Dog Tops a Gym Workout for Healthy Living

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Its official – experts now say that walking the dog is healthier than the gym! Surprised? Don’t be. The benefits of a brisk 30 – 60 minute walk will burn nearly as many calories as an aerobic class. Why? Because dogs need daily walks for potty breaks and exercise, forcing owners to get out and […]

Dog Grooming FAQs

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Some people are very comfortable asking their groomer questions, and others are not. For that reason I decided to answer three  of the top dog grooming faqs. I hope this helps open up the dialog between you and your dog’s groomer, and don’t ever be afraid to ask a question about your dog’s care! How […]

Managing Your Dog’s Medical Care & Treatment

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Like our own health, most of us do not think much about our dog’s medical care or emergency dog care & treatment until illness strikes. I’ve always been a lucky dog owner. I’ve had healthy dogs that have lived to ripe old ages with little to no medical intervention. I figured that if I exercised […]

Should I change Vets?

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

I’ve been using the same vet for about 6 years now for my dogs. Up until about 2 years ago he was a God to me. Smart, empathetic, seasoned, and affordable – what more could an owner of 4 dogs, and the occasional foster dog, ask for? Well, as I became more educated and experienced […]

7 Tips to Flea Control With Dogs

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

My dog has fleas, and I am as embarrassed as a school nurse who’s child has been sent home from school with head lice! As a former groomer, it would seem I am horribly neglectful for allowing such a thing to happen. I’m one of those diligent groomers that dispenses advice on preventing flea infestations. […]