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Should I change Vets?

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

I’ve been using the same vet for about 6 years now for my dogs. Up until about 2 years ago he was a God to me. Smart, empathetic, seasoned, and affordable –Dog and Vet what more could an owner of 4 dogs, and the occasional foster dog, ask for? Well, as I became more educated and experienced in the care of dogs, I began to question some of his recommendations and treatments for both routine and specialized care. The more I questioned, the more agitated and less empathetic he became. I began to wonder, “Should I change vets?”

Well, if you’ve love that loving feeling for your dog’s vet, you are not alone. Like our own doctors or hairdressers, sometimes we find ourselves becoming dissatisfied with the quality of service we receive from our vet. This could be the result of changes in the policies and management of the veterinary practice. It could be a change in heart of your vet – he might be burned out, or having a conflict with changes in his/her practice. Or, it could be that you have developed some firm beliefs about how your dog’s health should be treated, and you are no longer “on the same page” with your vet. Whatever the reason, don’t ignore it and pretend that it will blow over, because it may very well result in substandard care of your dog.

There is an excellent blog article I came across on written by Carol Bryant that addresses one aspect of this issue. 5 Things Your Vet Should Never Tell Youcovers common dog health practices that some vets enforce as a medical necessity, but are not necessarily true. From issues such as routine vaccinations to hospitalization, this articles main point is that if your vet is insistent on caring for your dog his way, you may just want to go another way.

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