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Do You Do Halloween Dog Collars or Costumes?

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Like their human counterparts, all dogs seem to fall into two camps when it comes to Halloween – ones that like to be out and about on Halloween as a Trick or Treater, and ones that a bit more “spooked” by the festivities and prefer to stay home and help pass out the candy. How you celebrate Halloween with your dog depends largely on his/her tolerance for surprise, noise, and costume.

I have always been envious of the dog that allows his human to dress him up in some ridiculously funny or cute costume. Even more reason for envy is when a dog not only tolerates a Halloween costume, but seems genuinely happy to go out trick or treating with his human family. As one who opts to stay home and pass out the candy, I thoroughly enjoy the parade of ghouls, ghosts and witches that visit my doorstep. However nothing is more entertaining than the dog in a little devil costume, horns and cape intact, tail wagging and forever hopeful he has finally reached a house that is going to throw a Halloween bone his way.

“Aarrhhh! Get this thing off of me, and give me a collar instead!”

I, unfortunately, do not have dogs that are inclined to wear any kind of costume, as the photo at right illustrates. I think I managed to keep these costumes on just long enough to snap this photo, so I’m pretty happy about that. And though I pine for a dog that is totally willing to let me dress them up as an M&M, Bart Simpson or a Pirate, I’m pretty content with a dog in a really cute Halloween Dog Collar.

A Dog Collar is great for the canine Halloween Greeter. They can be worn several weeks prior to Halloween, and worn just about anywhere without a fight, so you actually are getting more bang for your buck when you buy a Halloween Collar for your dog. Granted, they aren’t always as attention grabbing as a costume, but more people are likely to see, and compliment, your dog in a Halloween collar than in a costume.

Halloween Dog Collars come in all sorts of prints and patterns, but the best are those that are bright, colorful, and can be worn as an everyday collar. The Artful Canine has some cute ones starting at just $10.99.

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