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Dog ID Tag Information – Chosing the Best Info

by on April 11, 2015 - Leave a Comment

Struggling with what Dog ID Tag information to use on your dog’s ID tag? While you have lots of information you can put on the tag, you are somewhat limited based on the size of the tag. But we’ve listed some ideas that will help

Critical Infodog id tag on dog

The goal with most dog owners is, “How can I get my dog home in the fastest and safest way if he is found?” While much of that depends on where your dog is found, this can be expedited by the info you provide on your dog ID tag.

A phone number is the most common and effective way of enabling someone to contact you quickly. If you have both a land line and a cell phone, then put both on the tag. While street info can be helpful, particularly if your dog did not wander far, it will not necessarily ensure that your dog gets delivered to you. But it does say “I Live Here,” and if you are OK with that, then include it on the tag.

While your dog’s name, or your name, is a nice thing to have if you’ve got the space, most Dog ID tags offer only 3 or 4 lines of text, and have character limitations. So use that space wisely. Engraving your state and zip won’t be very helpful unless you are out of your home state with your dog.

In addition to contact info, here’s some words you can include that will create some urgency in getting your dog back to you …


Include the word “Reward.”  Most people are motivated to do the right thing and get a lost dog home to it’s rightful owner.  Sadly, some not-so-good people might not be too quick to get your dog back to you. Maybe they’d like to keep your dog for some reason. Offering a reward may be a deterrent to a bad person that might want to keep your dog, sell it someone else, or worse, use it as a bait dog. The term ‘Reward” will appeal to the thief – likely all they want is money anyway, so make it easy for them to get it.

“Special Needs”

Many dogs, maybe even yours, might be under special medical care, and getting them home for medication or treatment is important. Even if they aren’t, using terms like “Needs Meds” creates a sense of urgency.  If your pup is at risk and needs to get home so that they can be properly cared for, people are likely to respond to that. For the thief, this gives them a reason NOT to keep your dog. No one wants a dog they imagine to be sick or costly to maintain.

Other words that immediately explain your dogs condition: “Deaf,” “Blind” or “Diabetic.” Naming ailments or illnesses will help your special needs dog get home as soon as possible – ad those that find your dog will feel very good about making that happen.

ID Numbers

While using words like “micro-chipped” or a registration number on your dog ID tag tells people that your dog is registered, it won’t necessarily lead your dog home quickly. Whoever finds your dog is most likely going to call the number on the tag – not take them to the vet or Animal Control to read the chip in his ear. On the down side, telling a thief that your dog is micro-chipped might make them believe your dog is worth something, and thus worth keeping.

Chose a Well-Made Dog ID TagBACK-needs-meds

Last, think about the material of the dog ID tag, and the shape. Laser-engraved tags only etch the surface so they will wear out quicker than a diamond-engraved or printed tag that has a polymer coating. Look for tags that offer a lifetime guarantee like The Artful Canine  offers. Last thing you want is to lose your dog wearing a tag that is illegible!

Also, plan out what you put on the first, second or third lines. Like the example at right, a round tag has less room at the top and bottom, so save the lengthiest lines for the middle. That way you won’t be stuck trying to abbreviate important info.


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  1. Paige says:

    I find it really sad that you have to put info on your dog tag that will make someone actually return your dog. I guess it is just the world we live in. But it is a good idea that I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for sharing!

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