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Irish Dogs & Collars that Look Good on Them

by on February 25, 2017 - Leave a Comment

Compliment Your Irish Dogs Coat with a Beautiful Collar.

For those that have Irish Dogs (or are planning to get one), you want their pure Irish beauty so shine. What better way to do this than through their collar? While you might think that an Irish Dog should wear an Irish Dog Collar, that’s not necessarily true. So we’ve matched up these breeds with some  collars that we think will bring out their Gaelic beauty and charm.

To view any of the collars listed below, simply click on them.

 Irish dogs, Irish Border Collie, Blue Dog CollarBorder Collie

You may not think of a Border Collies as Irish Dogs, but the Irish will argue that they are. Hailing back to the mid-1800’s in Ireland, it’s pretty hard to argue that it’s not an Irish dog. Bright blues look best on this breeds coat, like this Douglas Tartan collar.  With its highlights of white, black & green, this breed will look absolutely stunning.

Glenn of ImalGlenn of Imal Terrier in BLue Aztec Dog Collar

The buff-colored coat of this playful terrier is fairly neutral, so almost any color will work. But there are warm tones around the ears and face, and on some, their coat takes on a more reddish tone. So with that in mind, we chose a collar with darker blues so that they pop on the Glenn of Imal’s fluffy light coat.

Irish Lurcher
Irish Lurcher in Buffalo Plaid Martingale Dog Collar

The Irish Lurcher is not a recognized breed. A cross between a sighthound and a terrier, it’s speed and hunting skills make it very popular in Ireland. These Irish dogs come in many color varieties, like this handsome grey & white lad. Grey is cool tone, and requires so warmth to compliment it. We chose this red & black martingale collar (because sighthounds slip out of regular collars).

Irish Setter
Irish dogs, Irish Setter in an Irish Dog Collar

This beautiful dog epitomizes its Irish heritage with its beautiful flowing red coat. However finding a complimentary collar can be tough with an all red coat. Since cool colors look great on a warm coat, in this case, we say “Go Irish Baby!” The dramatic combination of green and black in this unique Irish Celtic dog collar will look absolutely gorgeous on this breed.

Red & White Irish Setter
Irish dogs, Red & White Irish Setter with Irish Dog Collar

The Red & White Setter has color variations demanding a collar a bit more subdued so as not to detract. With its white neck, almost any color will work, but we chose to stay with with the same design as the red setter but in black, making it a dramatic standout on this breeds coat.

Irish Terrier
Irish Dogs, Irish Terrier, Hibernan tartan dog collar

This beloved terrier has a beautiful neckline that begs for a standout collar. Keeping with the rule color rule of warm coat/cool collar, we’ve paired this lassie up with a feminine plaid in purple and green. The Hibernian tartan is symbolic of Ireland’s green and purple pastures.

Kerry Beagle
Kerry Beagle in Marlin Fish Dog Collar

The Kerry Beagle is much like it’s American counterpart. It’s coat makes choosing a collar that won’t get lost on a pattern of browns, black & white, so we advise to go cool & bright – like with this sporty blue & red marlin dog collar. the reds will compliment the cool color in its coat, and the blue will compliment the warm brown tones.

Kerry Blue
Kerry Blue Terrier in Furberry Plaid Dog Collar

The body, coat & stance of these Irish Dogs ooze with sophistication and beauty. As with any dark coat, you want to contrast it with something that looks good but not gaudy. Our classic Furberry Dog Collar is the perfect match in style and color for this gorgeous  breed.

Water Spaniel
Irish Water Spaniel in Nautical Dog Collar

Like other water dogs, this sporting breed has a dark coat that calls out for brighter complimentary colors. We couldn’t resist this Nautical Dog Collar for this breed because of its colorful nautical theme – it’s the perfect match for this Irish dogs mahogany coat and personality.

Wheaten Terrier
Irish Dogs, Wheaten Terrier in Blackwatch Tartan Dog Collar

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is another buff-colored Irish dog that needs a collar with rich, deep cool hues. You can’t go wrong with green or blue, so this Blackwatch Tartan dog collar in evergreen & navy will look stylish and attractive.

Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhound in Preppy Puppy Plaid dog collar

This Irish dog may be ancient, but it’s collar doesn’t have to be. With such an overpowering size, we thought something playful and contemporary would be a nice change of pace for this gentle giant. It’s grey and brown coat can look a little drab, so we choose this colorful teal plaid to bring out the beauty in this beautiful breed.

While we think the collar recommendations we offer in this post are well suited to these breeds, here at The Artful Canine, we always say that, in the end, you should go with what whatever collar appeals to you.After all, your Irish dog really doesn’t care – whatever makes you happy, makes them happy! Follow this link if you’d like to learn more about choosing colors that suit your dogs coat.

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  1. Geri says:

    Last year I was so pleased to find and purchase the lovely Celtic shamrock collar for my dog Bailey, whose birthday is on St Patty’s Day. And also purchased a pretty 70’s inspired flower print for Birdie, my other dog. Your selection is unique and superb! I was so bored with what other retailers were offering,

  2. Nancy says:

    We have a Scottish Airedale and I just bought her the BlackWatch plaid leash.

    She already had the color given to her for Christmas
    So now we have a matching set.

    Thank you

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