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Confessions of a Dog Collar Shop-Aholic

by on January 25, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Ike in her Artful Canine blue plaid dog collar

I’ll admit it – I’m a dog collar shop-aholic. I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to dog collars. After all, I am a dog collar designer. But the reason I am a dog collar designer is because I am obsessed with my dogs collar wardrobe, kind of like I am with my own clothes.

My dogs probably have more collars than they need, but my feeling is this: if I can’t imagine myself wearing the same shirt day after day, how can I imagine my dogs wearing the same collar? Some folks will buy a dog collar, and expect it to look great after 6 months of constant wear. Come on, really? how would that shirt you are wearing look if you wore that for 6 months straight?

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how excited your pup gets when they get a new collar? No, really! Their butt wiggles so much you can’t keep them still long enough to get the collar on. OK, I know, they’re just picking up on human vibes, but if everybody is happy, what’s the harm?

So to keep those butts wiggling at regular intervals throughout the year, here’s my list of dog collar must-haves:

  • A spring dog collar. Nothing beats the winter blues like something new for spring. Something light and colorful is sure to put some “spring in your step” on your daily walks.
  • A summer dog collar. That’s the time for bright colors that reflect the season. Something beachy, flowery, or playful for all that summer fun you’ll have with your pup!
  • A fall dog collar. Time for harvesting and the colors of falling leaves.
  • A winter/holiday dog collar. Regardless of your faith, there’s lots of celebrating going on, and you dog needs a party collar for those dress-up occasions. Something that will look great in the family album, because so many pictures are usually taken of our dogs at this time.
  • A special interest dog collar. Whether its your favorite football team, fish, flower, or holiday, find something that is special to you. If its special to you, it’s certain to make your dog special too.

Now this won’t break the bank account. Unlike dog clothes, collars are affordable. There is no reason not to have one or two changes of collars for your dog, unless you’re spending $30 or more on a collar. Our little company makes fashionable and affordable dog collars right here, and you won’t find a single dog collar priced over $20! And our dogs are so worth that! It also shows you care for your dog by keeping them in clean and comfortable clothes at all times. And it’s much more pleasurable to cuddle with a dog in a clean collar that a dirty stinky one, isn’t it?


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