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Finding Unique Dog Collars Online

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

Your dog has just been groomed and is looking like a million bucks, but his/her collar looks quite the opposite – tattered edges, ground in dirt, and a tad tight with the addition of a few pounds – so you decide that it’s time for a new dog collar.

Rather than go to your local pet store where the collars lack variety or personality, you decide to go with something a little bit more fashionable and unique – after all, your favorite pooch is a one-of-a-kind! So you you start with a search online, where anything and everything for dogs can be found, including some unique dog collars.

After your first Google query you realize that this is not going to be easy. Your search for “fashion dog collars” returns over a million results. That’s because there are over 250 sites that offer dog collars online today! You could spend all day searching for a dog collar. So let me offer up a few tips:

  • unique irish dog collarDecide what dog collar features are most important to you, such as price, comfort, durability, looks, or use. Ideally, a dog collar that has three or more of the attributes you seek will make the best choice for you and your furbaby!
  • When shopping for price, steer away from designer collars unless you’re prepared to plunk down some serious cash. Ralph Lauren charges $495 for his alligator dog collars! You can find smaller sites often offer their own designs starting as low as $10.
  • If it’s comfort you want, nylon dog collars are the perfect choice for both comfort and durability. They are lightweight, mold nicely to the contours of your dogs neck, and are practically indestructible. Collars with quick release buckles are secure and more comfortable than metal buckles, and won’t get hot when exposed to the sun.
  • If durability is your main requirement, any well-made leather or nylon collar will be a good choice. Leather is probably the more durable of the two, although not as easy to keep clean as a nylon collar. If the seller does not offer a guarantee, then keep shopping until you find one that does.
  • If you view your dogs collar like clothes, look for a fashion dog collar that is not only unique but affordable, allowing you to by two buy two or three for the price of one. That way you can swap them out when they need to be washed so that your dogs collar will always be fresh and clean! Fabric fashion dog collars come in many patterns and colors and wear well when backed by nylon. There are many handcrafted dog collars available today which are not only unique, but durable and affordable. Most are priced under $20.
  • Ask for recommendations from your dog groomer, or friends that own dogs. They are likely to steer you to a website or brand of product that meets all of you and your pups needs, saving you the bother of wading through dozens of websites and product pages.

Happy Dog Collar Shopping!

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