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Martingale Dog Collars – Types & Uses

by on July 3, 2016 - Leave a Comment

Martingale Dog Collars are Considered both a Safety Collar & Training Collar

Martingale dog collars were originally created for use with sight hounds. Because this breeds head is smaller than their neck, they are able to back or slip out of a regular collar (when on leash) very easily, putting the dogs safety at risk. The same thing can happen with many dog breeds, both purebred and mixed. More and more dog owners today choose this collar for leash walking for the very same reason. That is why martingale collars are referred to as a “safety collar.”

Martingale collars are also the preferred collar for leash training dogs. Owners with dogs that are unruly on leash also prefer a martingale as it gives them a bit more control, especially with dogs that like to pull and take their owners on the walk (rather than the reverse).

While there a many different styles of martingale collars, we have summarized the two main types below.

martingale dog collar

Martingale Collar (also limited slip collar, no slip collar)

This is the most popular form of martingale dog collar in use today. As noted above, a martingale dog collar is very effective in preventing a dog from backing out their collar (a characteristic of fearful dogs, or dogs that pull back) when leashed. The action of the martingale is like a choke collar, in that it tightens evenly around the dogs neck when pulled, but the choke action is “limited” by a fixed loop.

This “limited” choke action prevents the collar from continuing to constrict around the neck, thus preventing damage to a dogs esophagus. It tightens up to a certain point, and then can not tighten any further. Martingale dog collars are usually made of nylon or other strong fabric, so it does not cut into the neck like a choke chain or slip collar does. This is why the martingale is often referred to as a ‘humane” choke collar.

Martingale collars also aid in controlling dogs when on leash. If you’ve got a dog that’s a bit unruly or constantly pulls, a “tug” on the leash for correction can help break their focus and bring their attention back to you. Many trainers prefer this collar when helping owners with behavioral problems. However for dogs with more intense training needs, the half-check collar may be a better choice.

chain martingale collar with buckle

Check Dog Collar (also called a “1/2 check” or “half check” collar)

A half check is a variation, or combination of metal choke and martingale collar. Half of the collar is made of chain, and the rest of fabric. This makes them a bit more durable with regard to wear around the “loop” of a fabric martingale. These collars are a favorite of many dog trainers because the choke action is accompanied by the sound of the chain, which often aides in getting the dogs attention when given in conjunction with a voice command. Like the fabric martingale, the constriction of the choke action is limited,  giving trainers a humane and effective training tool.

Of the three collar types, the martingale collar is probably to most popular and broadly used. They can be difficult to find in your local pet store, but there are many collar shops online that offer martingale collars. Be sure to check out for a great selection of Martingale Dog Collars, in both buckle and slip on styles, and in colors and designs to suit all tastes.

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