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White Dog Collars for White Coats & Weddings

by on July 7, 2016 - Leave a Comment
White Dog Collars in Nylon

White Dog Collars in Nylon

White Dog Collars Can be Hard to Find

Looking for white dog collars? As you’ve probably discovered, a white dog collar can be hard to find. Whether you are looking for a plain white nylon dog collar, or something a little more dressier in white, very few retailers offer this item. Since we been told by many of our customers that it is impossible to find a plain white dog collar anywhere online, we decided to to start making them.

White Dog Leash, Nylon

White Dog Leash, Nylon

We’ve been offering a solid white dog collar in nylon for some time. We make them in both buckle (as pictured) and martingale styles. White dog collars are used in several ways.

Used for Dogs with White Coats

One of the most common uses is for dogs with white coats. Many white dog owners are concerned that a colored dog collar in fabric or leather might stain their dogs coat – and that can sometimes happen, particularly if the maker of the collar does not guarantee that the collar is colorfast. Also, when a light coated dog swims a lot, their collar with naturally get wet, and  the fabric colors might bleed. But that is not the case with an Artful Canine collar – all of our collars are colorfast!

Perfect for Weddings or Show

Another popular use for white dog collars is weddings. If your dog is a member of the wedding party, white dog collars are the perfect choice. You can dress up a plain white collar with flowers or a bow tie. You can also opt for a dressier white collar, like our Taffeta Wedding Collar.

Last, some dog owners use white dog collars for dog shows. While some shows have very specific rules about the kind of collar and lead you use, others do not. If you are looking for white dog collars for this reason, The Artful Canine also offers white dog leashes and white dog harnesses.


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