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Tartan Dog Collars for a Fashionable Dog

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment
Westie in tartan dog collar

Tartan Dog Collars by The Artful Canine

Tartan Dog Collars are a Timeless Fashion

Tartans have been around forever, yet they continue to be trendy and have broad appeal. Almost everyone has some sort of plaid tartan in their wardrobe. And in the dog world, tartan dog collars are always high on the fashion charts. Sadie, the Scottish Terrier and former Westminster “Best in Show” Dog revived the tartan dog collar to fashion status again. While historically worn by terriers, a tartan dog collar looks smart on just about any dog.

A plaid dog collar somehow transforms a dog from ordinary to extraordinary. Have you ever watched a dog being walked in a plaid dog collar and leash? There is something about the way they look that makes you think; “That’s a beautiful dog.” I wonder if a dog feels that vibe too, because they to seem to walk with a bit more bounce in their step when sporting a smart looking plaid dog collar or dog harness.

Everyone seems to associate a plaid with the color red. But there is a wide variety of plaid colors and patterns. These patterns originated as regional distinctions in the Scottish Highlands, and then evolved into representations of Scottish clans. As a result, there are many tartan plaid patterns in existence today.

Blackwatch tartan dog collars

The Artful Canine Tartan Dog Collars come in a variety of colors and prints

Tartan Dog collars have been around for a long time too, but seemed to have lost their visibility with the plethora of other designer dog collars on the market. While you can find a dog collar in almost any size, color, fabric and print you can imagine, plaid dog collars are a little harder to come by. Some retailer’s offer collars as plaid, but they are often just checked or cross patterns, and not true tartan plaids. However at The Artful Canine (shameless plug here), you will find a great variety of tartan dog collars, harnesses and leashes in red, blue, black and pink plaid patterns.

For those of you that like to “Artfully Dress” your dog, s/he should have at least one plaid collar in their summer wardrobe – Scottie or not!

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