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Wedding Dog Collar Ideas

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment
Wedding Dog Collar Ideas, Simple & Classic

If your are looking for a wedding dog collar, or some ideas of how to dress up your dog for your big day, we’ve listed a few simple ones which are easy to make or buy, and will ensure your dog looks just as much a part of the wedding party as your bridesmaids. We’ve also included some suggestions on how to ensure your pups participation goes without a hitch!

Wedding Dog Collar in Satin

Wedding Dog Collar in Pencil Satin, silver buckle, and d-ring for some “charm” bling!

If you are not the bride, but attending the wedding, these ideas will work for you too. Just make  sure that dogs are allowed – there’s nothing more embarrassing than not checking with the bride or groom on the rules, even if it’s an outdoor wedding. If dog’s are welcome, the same rules apply to your dog as they do to you. If its a very formal wedding, then a dressy dog collar will work great.

If you’re the bride and your dog is part of the wedding party, then things get fun! If s/he has no particular role beyond just being there and looking cute, then a plain white dog collar or a white dog harness is the perfect choice. Many opt for fancier dog collars that coordinate with the bridal party, which is also cute, but difficult to find unless the bride has chosen a basic color like red, pink or royal blue.

Oftentimes dogs are given the task of being ring bearer, and the bride and groom invent some clever and entertaining ways of getting the dog down the isle with the wedding bands. If your dog is walking down the aisle solo, then a dressy white dog collar or white dog harness is the perfect choice because you can affix the rings to the collar or harness D-ring with a bridal ribbon or bow. If your dog is being lead down the aisle, then a coordinating white leash will work great – you can even sew on a little pillow for the rings, or attach a floral bouquet to the dog’s leash handle for a beautifully dramatic effect.

Whatever you decide, there are many options available online today. Look for dog wear that’s stain resistant or scotch-guarded for piece of mind – the last thing a bride needs is to worry about is Daisy’s Collar getting soiled before her stroll down the aisle! And be sure to plan ahead, as some online retailers of specialty dog collars make these items to order and require anywhere from 2 days to two weeks to ship.

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