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Tips for Having Your Dog in Your Wedding

by on January 22, 2014 - Leave a Comment

tips for having your dog at a wedding

Planning on having your dog in your wedding? Whether you’re on the fence about it, or have made the decision to make your dog part of the wedding party, here’s some ideas for how wedding dogs can participate.

  • Most important is to assess whether your dog can handle the excitement (and chaos) that a wedding event can present. You will be nervous, and dogs pick up on those vibes. While you may want your dog to be a part of your wedding, don’t force it if he or she is anxious around people or crowds.
  • Assign a trusted, human “buddy” to be your dog’s companion during the event. After all, it’s your big day, and things will be stressful enough without having to worry about your dog.
  • If your dog will have an active role in the nuptials, give you dog a practice run too. If you expect him/her to be ring bearer, then practice the walk first at home, and then at the event site.
  • If your dog will be walking down the isle, choose gear that is suited to your dogs walking habits and behavior. For example, a well-trained dog may only need a collar and leash. A small dog may need a harness, and a no-so-well-behaved dog may need a little correction on his/her walk, so use a martingale collar.
  • Check with your wedding planner or your wedding site coordinator about a “rest area” for your dog to go potty.
  • Be sure to that your dog goes potty before the event. Don’t forget poop bags for waste pickup just in case.
  • Have his/her buddy bring a portable water bowl and a few treats

Here are some ideas for dressing your dog for the wedding.

  • You want your dog to cute (of course), but be mindful of her/his comfort. So keep the costuming to a minimum. You can still dress your dog elegantly while ensuring that they tie into your wedding theme. Avoid fabrics and clothing that doesn’t breath or will irritate your pup’s skin. They aren’t as likely to cooperate if they are uncomfortable or miserable.
  • Try a white collar, leash or harness, or one that matches your bridal party color scheme. The latter may be more difficult, but white and black are always a safe bet, as they are traditional colors for formal wear. Check out The Artful Canine’s selection of wedding, formal, and plain white collars, harnesses and leashes.
  • Decorate your dog’s collar or harness with your wedding flowers, or with satin ribbons that match your color scheme.
  • Tie a small bouquet of flowers to either end of your dogs leash for an elegant touch.
  • Tie your wedding rings with ribbon onto your dogs collar, or onto the D-Ring of The Artful Canines Charming Wedding Dog Collar.
  • Purchase a ring pillow and attach it to the base of your dog’s leash, or the back of his/her harness if they are your ring bearer.

Last, be sure to get a shot of your pooches participation. As with all the other pictures of guests and participants, it will bring lasting memories in your future.

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